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Are you stuck in a rut and don’t enjoy your current job?


Do you want to manage your work and life balance better?


Take this opportunity to achieve the perfect work-life balance.







The benefits of becoming a Driving Instructor:

  • choose the days you work
  • choose your start and finish times
  • be your own boss working for yourself
  • take holidays whenever you choose 
  • choose to work in postcodes areas that are close to home
  • freedom and choice to work the hours that suit your needs 
  • undertake the instructor training around your current job 
  • use the car for work and pleasure
  • your car and its running costs paid for by your customers
  • being self-employed may have tax advantages
Being a driving instructor is a rewarding job.


When your pupil passes their driving test, there is an immense feeling of satisfaction in a job well done.


You have put a safe driver on the road and that you have just given them something priceless, a skill for life.





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