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I worked in the computer industry for nearly 30 years until being made redundant.  I spent some time looking for other computer industry jobs but realised that I was at an age where I needed to be fully in control and change the direction to my career.  
I really wanted and needed to be in charge of my own destiny, to work the days and times that suited me, to take time off that was convenient for me, not to have to work away from home but to work locally and always be close to home.  In 2002 becoming a driving instructor has given me that control and freedom.  
What I enjoy most about this job is taking a complete novice who has no idea about driving and to train and educate them to become safe, competent and considerate drivers, knowing that you have given them a skill for life.
Bernie Price

Why Do People Want To Become Driving Instructors?

Many people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a lifestyle change, or they have been made redundant and some of the skills they have developed may not be relevant to another job. However in their jobs if they have interacted with the general public, then they will possess the interpersonal skills that are vital when instructing driving school pupils.
Maybe some have become disillusioned with their current job. They would like to take more control of their career destiny and decide when and where they would like to work, have more family time and can choose the days and hours they would like to work.
Some could be looking for a job that is more fulfilling and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.
It could be that they are looking for a fresh start, maybe a different career, a new challenge and better control of their time to spend with their family or other activities or sports that have been reduced or dropped because of their current job commitments.
The huge attraction of being a driving instructor is that with some personal motivation and quality training, almost anyone can do this job.
Training someone to pass their driving test is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  The job satisfaction you get from knowing that you have put a safe driver on the road and given them a skill for life.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Driving Instructor?


You will be working for yourself and will be your own boss.
You choose the days you work.
You choose the start and finish times that suit your personal needs and budget.
You can take holidays whenever you choose and not have to request permission.
There are also tax benefits of being a self-employed Driving Instructor.
Your car and all its running costs, mobile phone, the internet, clothing, computers etc will be paid for by your customers.   

Adam Cox ADI


I qualified as an ADI with my Part Three training undertaken by Bernie Price.


I don’t think I would have qualified at my first attempt if it had not been for Bernie’s expert tuition and knowledge.
I would highly recommend anybody considering becoming an ADI to contact Bernie.
You will not be disappointed with the amount of learning and understanding of the ADI qualification process you
will gain from Bernie over the weeks that you work together.