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Why Choose Us?


  • We are a local business.


  • We have the advantage over the big national driving schools that we operate within your local area.


  •  To us you are a real person not just a faceless number. 


  • Train on your doorstep around your work commitments and benefit from our local knowledge.





Our training course is tailored to your requirements using a structured modular programme that will help you prepare thoroughly for each of the qualifying tests.


 All training  is on a 1:1 basis, so that you get our full attention and guidance in each session.


We will take you from a fledgling instructor to working confidently as a qualified professional.


We know how hard it can be to self-finance new job training whilst in your current job. 


Therefore staged payments can be arranged to spread the cost of your training until you become a qualified driving instructor.


 We also offer a refund policy at any part of your training.


You can be confident that we want to work with you and that you are choosing the right career with the right company.



Once trained you can decide whether to work as an independent instructor or have of the offer of a job placement with us.